Novelty Pool Floaties Are The New Must-Have Beach Accessory

Pool Floaties have come a long way in the past few years. These latest pool and beach toys got their humble beginning from people using inner-tubes from car and truck tires to relax in the water. Recently, some very clever people have taken the time to design and produce a wide array of uniquely shaped floats. There are hundreds of these oddly shaped things to choose from! What’s makes these novel toys great for a vacation is that are they are inexpensive, light, easy to pack and, well fun!

My wife Cristina just happens to be one of those people who love to float away the hours while we are at the beach. For years she has been happy to stick to her pool noodle but last year, we were introduced to the world of novelty pool floaties and she was hooked.  Her first choice was this Giant Inflatable Pineapple. It is now a permanent addition to our “fun in the sun” suitcase that holds our Kelty beach tarp, pool noodle and snorkeling gear.

Inflatable Pineapple Pool Floaties

Pool Floaties Have One Drawback

There is one small problem with these pool floats, they tend to float with the tide and the wind.  So, I ended up spending a lot of time holding onto the float to keep it in one place. We eventually arrived at a simple (and light) solution: what we needed was an anchor. This was accomplished with a simple 3 liter nylon stuff sack and a soft nylon rope. Just fill the bag with sand, tie one end of the rope to the bag and the other to the float and you will happily float in one place for as long as you want.

Okay, there is one other little issue… Some of these floats are quite large and blowing them up by blowing into them is do-able but really hard work. My advice is to buy a good pump. Our Intex Giant Bellows fits easily into our “fun in the sun” suitcase. This brute can inflate the above pineapple float in about 4 or 5 pumps. Much easier than doing it with my mouth!

What’s Next?

Apparently, a girl cannot appear on the beach with the same floatie ever day. So we are now are in the market for another floatie (or two). We have found a great website called This site has over 300 novelty pool floats categorized and easy to find.  Here are some of our potential next purchases.

Kangaroo Pool Floats Bacon Pool FloatieKangaroo Pool Floats Fried Eggs Pool Floatie Gigantic Sea Turtle Pool Raft from Kangaroo AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to FacebookShare to TwitterShare to PrintShare to EmailShare to More Gigantic Sea Turtle Pool RaftSunnyLife Women's Luxe Lie-on Lobster Float

Finally, which one would you choose?



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